Petopia: Search for Any Known Skill

I had a few moments this evening and a desire to tweak, so I added a shortcut to the Petopia Pet Database that┬ámakes it easier to find pets with known skills. Now, when you are using the Pet Database, you can set Known Skills to “Any”. This will show you creatures that know any skill at all when they are tamed.

This is particularly useful when combined with a zone — for instance, you can find any pets in Darkshore that know a skill already so you can see what your young night elf hunter can learn there. Alternatively, if you just hit level 32, you might see what skills are available on level 32 pets.

8 thoughts on “Petopia: Search for Any Known Skill

  1. Messyah

    I would love to see Petopia get upgraded so that the base stats of a Beast is available as well. If this is something that you are interested in, I will help in every way I can.

    I think someone mentioned it in a previous post, but to be able to search by diet would be nice too.

    Oh, and can you make note somewhere that “Sporeling Snacks” require the Hunter to eat them in order for their pet to get the +20 Stam well-fed bonus? I was perplexed by this for a short time myself. LOL

    Perhaps the pets can even be labeled with their role in the game, such as “Best for PvP”, “Best for PvE” and “Well-rounded pet”.


  2. Mania Post author

    Messyah: Base stats? Do you mean strength, agility, etc? Or health, armor, etc? Or both? I had a table of those but I accidentally wiped out part of it and I haven’t gone back to recreate it all yet.

    On the Sporeling Snacks thing, though, I was just working on a page about feeding your pet and mentioned it, so if that ever gets finished it should help. :>

  3. Messyah

    As many stats that beast lore gives us. :-) I can help you out by collecting data in the areas that my twink can get to. :-P

  4. Mania Post author

    Messyah: Unfortunately, Beast Lore on an untamed creatures gives us data about the untamed stats, which don’t have any relationship to tamed stats at all so far as I know.

  5. Messyah

    It was my understanding that what you see when you Beast Lore is the base stats of the beast. I’ll have to go beast lore a beast and then tame it and see if the numbers match.

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