Petopia: Untameable Beasts

I get a decent amount of e-mail every week from people who want to know whether a particular creature is tameable — because it’s not listed on Petopia, so they aren’t sure — or letting me know that Petopia is missing a particular pet — usually one that isn’t listed because it cannot be tamed. So I thought it might be really handy to add untameable beasts to the site.

To start with, I’ve done this as simply as possible. The untameable “families” — like kodos, mana wyrms, basilisks and the like – are all on a page with representative of each as a quick reference. Right now the page lives under Pet Stats & Analysis, largely because I had to put it somewhere, but as I get more FAQ-type stuff together it will likely move. Also, I threw this together relatively quickly, so let me know if I have missed any major untameable beasts. (Note that I did not include non-beasts, like undead or demons, on this page.)

Creatures that are clearly part of a tameable pet family but which cannot be tamed for whatever reason — like Scarlet Hounds and Ghost Howl – are listed on both the appropriate family page and the appropriate skin page. But to help set them off, they are shown in both places with a strikethrough font (that is, like this) and also marked “Untameable”.

The main reason for displaying these guys this way is so that they are harder to miss. My initial thought was to list them as a separate table at the bottom of each page, but if I had just run into Ghost Howl for the first time and I wanted to know if it was worth it to try taming him, I’d look on the wolf family page under wolves that looked just like him — and if he wasn’t there, I probably wouldn’t think to scroll down.

Untameable pet-type beasts get a mob page just like a tameable creature, but it’s clearly marked in the title and right under the name that this creature cannot be tamed. I also included a note for anything that Beast Lore says can be tamed to explain how Beast Lore lies. *grin*

Untameable pet-type beasts are also listed in the Pet Database. For now I’ve just added another flag drop-down field (like Rare or Elite) for “Tameable”. If you leave the field alone, you get both tameable and untameable beasts in your results. (Untameable creatures are marked with the word “Untameable” in the Flags column.) Or you can set it to “Tameable Only” or “Untameable Only”. I am not completely satisfied with this solution, but after spending all day trying out different possibilities, I think this is the least confusing.

As always, I’d love to know what you think!

24 thoughts on “Petopia: Untameable Beasts

  1. Rasen

    It’s a good addition. Even though now every time I go onto Petopia, Torgos will be staring at me with his mocking, untamable eyes. Why Blizzard, WHY won’t you let me tame this fantastic looking bird?

    I had to settle for stealing his girlfriend away instead. AT least I can now rest in the knowledge his untamable ass isn’t getting any :)

  2. Marzix

    i had always wanted one of the blackish-purple raptors in un’goro, but they werent ever tameable. of course it would also be kinda kool if they changed the outlands and blasted lands boars to beasts so they can be tamed as well.

  3. Maahl

    What I noticed right away is that you don’t have the hyenas from inside Dire Maul listed anywhere on the hyena page. I always plan to check every time I go through there as to whether they’re tameable or not, and I always forget to. They are “Gordok Hyenas,” 52-54, and the higher level ones are “Gordok Mastiffs,” 57-59.

    I’m pretty sure they’re all untameable, but I’ll go check.

  4. Maahl

    Just checked–neither Gordok Hyenas nor Gordok Mastiffs are tameable. They’re plain’ old yellow hyenas, just like what you’d find throughout most of the Barrens.

  5. Someone

    “blizzard doesnt no wat hunters want in a pet…lol”

    And you should learn to type in all the characters: I had to read it out aloud (in my head at least!), to figure out what a clearly written sentence could have looked like at the expense of only a couple characters missing… :)

    As for the changes, the idea is good, haven’t checked it out yet! ;)

  6. Someone

    “I also included a note for anything that Beast Lore says can be tamed to explain how Beast Lore lies. *grin*”

    Hmmm… Exactly *where* is that note? Couldn’t find it!…

  7. Someone

    Also, if not too much work, it would be best to remove the extra info on those untameables such as “Learnable Skills”, “Diet” and so on: it just adds a bit to the confusion saying it can learn something while it can’t be tamed! :)

  8. Magua

    I didnt see one of the pets I have always wanted…Every time I see them in game, I bow my head…Rams..think they would make such a great looking pet. I dont leave Outland much anymore but everytime I fly from UC down to Thorium Point and see the Rams in the hills on the way…damn you blizzard. Come on, the grizzled hunter and his faithful Ram, we could have matching beards

  9. Mania Post author

    Ack! This comment thread got long while I wasn’t paying attention.

    Rasen: Hah! That’s great.

    Akycha: Don’t be embarrassed. I think a rat would be a cool pet! Not so sturdy, perhaps, but very cool.

    Maahl: I didn’t realize that there were hyenas in Dire Maul. Err .. I’ve never been in there, to tell the truth. But thank you — I will add those.

    Someone: The diet info etc. is autogenerated by the family, but I see your point. Hmm … I’ll see what I can do.

  10. Ket Shi

    Some I was thinking about that you missed were the big pen of animals in Garadar, the panthers of Telaar, the corrupted avians from Terokkar Forest, the pet Ravagers from the Mag’har Outpost in HFP, Grinning Dog, Scalebeard, and Mokk the Savage.
    Are you planning to include the handful of pets that are technically tamable but are too high level?

  11. Mania Post author

    Thanks for the additional untameables, guys! I didn’t even know there were panthers in Telaar. Now if only I could log in to see them …

    And yes, Ket Shi, although I don’t have any yet I think I should include pets that are tameable but are too high level. If nothing else that will save me some time when they raise the level cap. :>

  12. Anbhas

    Odd… It looks like half my post got deleted. If it’s not, I’m sorry you have to see this twice: The beasts in the faction towns in Nagrand are untameable. I tried to get a panther/lion from Telaar only to get a red flashing ‘lol nub u can’t tame dat!’ message from Blizzard. But it was fun to mess with a few of the Allies there. Even if I didn’t win the lion, I still won entertainment.

  13. Mokkramazzra

    just so you know, Young Arikara (Elite) is untameable, (comes up as invalid target). guess you have to wait til he grows up, on the 2nd or 3rd quest in order to tame him.

  14. Mania Post author

    Anbhas: I pretty much understood anyway. :> I got the Nagrand town creatures added this weekend. Thanks!

    Mokkramazzra: Ah, thanks for reminding me! I’ve tried to tame Young Arikara before but I didn’t think to include him/her. I’ll grab it in the next update.

  15. Nightpxex

    there is a untameable beast family not listed in petopia, its maggots. you know, the worm looking things that look kinda like worms. before i looked in petopia, i thought they were in the worm famaly!

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