The Grand Character Plan: Dwarves

I finished up my notes on what pets I plan to pair with the Horde races as I slowly and distractedly level a hunter with each pet family, so now it’s time to start on the Alliance races! I was holding off until I learned more about the next expansion, worried that I might have to rework everything to accomodate new races or new low-level pet families, but at this point that doesn’t look like it will be an issue. So off we go! Today we’ll discuss dwarves.

Crab: As you’ll already know if you’ve been following the adventures of Kaet, I am in the process of leveling a dwarf with a crab. (Well, three crabs). I decided to use a dwarf with the crab family because dwarves have always struck me as being … well … crabby. Truth is, I am not a huge dwarf fan. The accent in particular really annoys me. So when I am playing a dwarf, I tend to be pretty crabby myself. *grin* In addition, the low crab profile should come in handy on a short character.

There are only four different crab appearances, so choosing two or three isn’t a big problem. I decided to go with the red, blue, and white crabs. It pays to pick them all up early, though — crabs become somewhat more rare at higher levels and peter out entirely after level 44. For this character, I started with three crabs from Durotar: a red Surf Crawler, a blue Corrupted Surf Crawler, and an ivory Encrusted Surf Crawler. The red crab skin is the least common in the wild, and also used on the only rare crab: Crusty.

Turtle: It must be something about the dwarven racial ability Stoneskin, buut I seem to associate dwarves with mobile armored tanks! I also had a mental image, when I choose to pair dwarves with turtles, of a dwarf out fishing, using his pet turtle as a handy table to hold his tankard of ale. (Do they have beer huggers in-game?) This also gives me an opportunity to do a nice direct comparison between crabs and turtles. There are minor stat differences between them (crab sacrifice health for damage), but the big difference is in the skills: Crabs can learn only Claw (plus the skills everyone can learn); turtles can learn Bite (plus Shell Shield and the skills everyone can learn).

At any rate, the first turtle that can be tamed is the Oasis Snapjaw in the Barrens at level 15, so this is where I started. I’m qute fond of the sky blue skin on these guys, so I intend to keep him. But I would also like to pick up a nice white turtle from Thousand Needles, and later on possibly a pink-and-grey Mudrock turtle of some sort from Dustwallow Marsh. (Or if I get ambitious, I might try to find the rare turtle Ironback instead.) Turtles, oddly, seem to be all about pretty (and often pastel) colors.

Tallstrider: My final pet family choice for dwarves is the tallstrider. This pairing is very practical — I wanted a tallstrider and a mechanostrider mount, and only dwarves can learn to ride mechanostriders. The mental image I have for this character is extremely flamboyant – a female dwarf more concerned with matching clothes and carefully coifed hair than with chopping people off at the knee.

Part of that is because the tallstrider choices are so flamboyant, of course. There are six tallstrider skins, but three of those are brightly colored unique skins. I’d start with Mazzranache, the rare pink falmingo from Mulgore, then tame the rare turquoise Strider Clutchmother at level 20. Then there’s the long slog to level 70 and a flying mount, when you can tame a Lost Torranche, the most gorgeous purple bird ever to walk the (virtual) land.

For thr record, I actually quite like the brown and ivory tallstriders as well — there’s just no room for them in the stable!

7 thoughts on “The Grand Character Plan: Dwarves

  1. Bloodshrike

    My lvl 19 Twink Tauren Hunter captured Mazzenrache early, along with Eche’yakee and Takk the Leaper just recently. I’ll often get comments about him and his pink skin.

  2. Kat

    @ degbunke
    Styfios is correct. Only Gnomes and Dwarves can ride Mechanostriders. Of the two races, Dwarves are the only hunter, thus the only hunter who can ride a Mechanostrider.

  3. Darthfish

    Mazz is one of, if not the, most eye-catching hunter pets out there. Certainly you could do a lot worse then cart one around.

    A hunter in my main’s guild had a Mazz by the name of “Floyd”. Somewhere along the line, it became our guild’s mascot.

  4. Maahl

    Having pets become a guild mascot is always a kick. I had a crab named “Skuttlebus” which I’d acquired in Swamp of Sorrows; a number of my guild members become so obsessed with him (his name especially) that he became the guild’s mascot.

    Unfortunately, the guild members liked Skuttlebus a lot more than they liked me.

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