Kaet: Westfall

(You can read all of Kaet’s adventures, starting with why I’m doing things this way, by checking out the series Table of Contents at the end of this post. Alternatively, if you are here primarily for juicy pet-related news, feel free to skip these bits — they’re optional.)

I really need names for these crabs. I can’t just keep calling them “the red crab”, “the blue crab”, “the white crab”. Any suggestions? I’m thinking something … snazzy but just a little bit classy … *grin* My normal method is to choose something related to the scientific name of the creature, but I ended up with a hunter named Chiroptera that way, so I have to be careful about it.

Anyway, there I was in Westfall, having finally escaped Elwynn Forest. I had a random collection of Westfall quests that I had picked up on my trip through when I went to tame my crabs, so I had plenty to work on. But I quickly learned the real problem with Westfall: it’s a great place for cooking, but a terrible place for inventory space. Between the cookable bits of corpses and mining every dot on my map, and all the various quest drops from all and sundry, I was flat out of space in no time at all.

After the third long, tedious run back to the inn in Sentinel Hill to mail off stacks of things to my “hold-this-for-me alt”, I decided it was time to give in and buy some bigger bags. Now I was complaining about not having any cash just a post or two ago, but by the time I left Elwynn I’d piled up some nice stacks of copper bars and leaher, and I’d found a couple of nice white equipment drops. That hold-this alt I mentioned had put them all up on the auction house and I’d actually made a nice little bit, especially from the copper. Mining saves the day! Anyway, I could afford a few bags. Now back to questing! And hopefully now for longer than 5 minutes at a time …

I learned very quickly in Westfall that my crab and I can take on four murlocs at once, or five murlocs almost at once, in quick succession – but no more. A couple of quick deaths hammered home that lesson. Still, it was really something — I accidentally wandered into a respawn from the last person to go through, so every time I killed a murloc another one spawned and started walloping me. We did really well, considering!

Then it was off to kill various bandits and coyotes and birds and mechanical doodads. It was nice quick progress, although I did have some trouble grabbing aggro on the mechanical harvesters in the fields. After a few fights I noticed that my crab wasn’t using Growl! That would explain it … but why not? I turned off Claw and forced him to Growl, and what do you know? Harvest Watchers are immune to Growl. My crab is way smarter than I am. (Harvest Watchers are also immune to Serpent Sting. They just aren’t a whole lot of fun for hunters).

Unfortunately around this point I started having trouble with lag. I’d mark an enemy and send the crab in, and then the crab and the enemy would dance back and forth as they tried to negotiate who was really where. After the enemy was dead, there’s be about a 50/50 chance that the corpse wasn’t anywhere near the actual corpse and so I couldn’t loot. *sigh* But hey, that helps with the inventory space problem, right?

And then, somehow, I ran out of ammo. I have no idea how that happened. But I realized (as I was running back to town in an annoyed mood) that I really don’t like my gun anyway. It’s too loud. This has probably been a factor with my Tauren characters as well — I haven’t played a Tauren past level 20 — and I have just never realized. But I am determined to push little Kaet all the way to 70! So I had to fix the gun problem.

The solution, of course, was to train in bows. I took a long trip to Darnassus and learned to use a bow and arrows. Since I was in Darnassus anyway I picked up a level 10 green bow off the auction house. I could have waited two levels and bought a much nicer level level 16 bow, but I needed a bow now! (I had hit 14 by this point, and traded out the red crab for the blue one. I don’t always remember to mention these things.) And anyway, the bow was much better than the level 1 gun I was still using. (Not many gun quest rewards in Elwynn.)

Kaet poses with her lovely blue crab in the Sentinel Hill tower.

But then I got thinking about it and decided I might want a crossbow. So I took the boat to the Exodar, learned to use a crossbow, and bought a cheap one off a vendor to try it out. And that was the end of the copper bar money I had saved up! I probably should have bought my level 14 skills first, but I forgot …

Anyway, then it was back to Westfall! For the record, I HATE Dust Devils.

And then I realized: I’d completely forgotten about talents! There I was at level 14 and I hadn’t spent a single talent point. Time to rectify that! My first five points (which was all I had at that point) all went into Endurance Training, of course. Shortly thereafter I hit level 15 and put the new point into … Improved Revive Pet. Yes, yes, I know a lot of people think this is silly — the goal is to keep your pet alive, not rez it faster. But I’m really bad at that sometimes. And I appreciate the smaller amount of mana burned when I have to rez my pet repeatedly in a short period of time because I’m being an idiot.

Unfortunately, at this point I felt like I’d hit a wall. I wasn’t doing at all well against the level 17 and 18 Defias I was supposed to be killing and I didn’t have any other quests left in Westfall. I checked Thotbott and decided that I was supposed to have delievered a message to Redridge by now, so I wandered off to do that. I really prefer to finish up an area before I move on, but much of WoW — or more accurately, much of Azeroth — isn’t set up that way.

But lo and behold, I found that Redridge is just chock full of quests for my level! I should have come here earlier. Why was the connecting quest that sent me here orange?! Anyway, I had lots of stuff to do now so I decided to call it a night. Next session I can start bright and happy, with a whole day of questing laid out in front of me!

21 thoughts on “Kaet: Westfall

  1. Huckebein

    Silly names I came up with for crabs. Delicious, Seafood, Pinchy, and Crabby (groan). A name that I would personally use for a crab would be Giganscudo. Supposedly Italian for giant shield. Happy hunting :D

  2. Bloodshrike

    Names for the crabs….when I catch a rare pet, I usually rename them to reflect that. I caught the Horde only quest red windserpent Arikara, and promptly renamed him to that.
    For normal pets, I either go back to my Diablo 2 days, and name them for items in that game, or go biblical.
    Example of Diablo 2: Tiamat, Bul Kathos, Shadowfang, Boneslayer, Cliffkiller, Kuko Shakaku, Buriza Do Kyanon, Azurewrath, Hellrack, Fleshripper, Ghostflame (oooh, nice name for a Ghost Saber), Heart Carver, Spine Ripper, Wizardspike, Wraith Flight, Bonehew…..

    Biblical: War, Wrath, Vengeance, Pestilence, Famine, Destruction…

  3. Brash/Bamoo

    *Waves* Been having fun following the blog, and especially enjoying seeing some of the less-common combinations of hunters.

    For Crab names, if you are requesting ideas:

    Parapet, Engarde, Aegis, Achilles, Targe, Rodela, Solleret, Vambrace, Cerberus, Tanksalot, Adobe

  4. Znodis

    Red, white, and blue crabs… such a flag waver :p

    I like to go the scientific route sometimes as well. My favorite way is to just hit wikipedia until I find a word I like. So from crabs I got:
    Chela – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Claw#Arthropods
    Ommatidia – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ommatidium
    Pleopod – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pleopod#Abdomen_.2F_Pleon

    Heres a trio: “Macrura (long-tailed), Brachyura (short-tailed) and Anomura (differently-tailed)” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anomura

    Guess that also solves where the name “Makruras” comes from. Hope you get all your abilities trained before 2.2 or it looks like one will have to go.

  5. Tower

    Hmmm lets see…. Names for the red, white and blue crabs….. how about
    Betsy Ross (seamstress of the flag)
    Francis Hopkinson (designed the US flag)
    Francis Scott key (wrote the Star Spangled Banner)
    Those might be too long, but I think you should do a US Flag theme of some sort.
    What about:
    & Happiness
    Those might be better. *shrug* Keep the story rolling, I am really enjoying Kaet’s diary. You’ve inspired me to roll a Troll hunter. I’m keeping a few notes myself and might post them someplace once I get them organized a bit.

  6. BarzahdX

    Names? Hmm, I usually like to name my pets from magical spells in FFVII. In example, a windserpent would be Thunder, a boar would be Quake, a normal serpent would be Bio, a cat, raptor, or anything speedy would be Bolt, an owl would be Aero(where as a carrion or bat could be Aeroa or Aeroaga). A crab would be.. Ugh, “Water”, but that’s retarted.

    The solution? Go root words! Greek, and Latin meanings of “Crab” or “Water” or “Crustacean” or “Sea” or “Ocean” and the like. Than again you can go: Mr.Krabs, NoPinch, or Crusty.

    Sorry for writing the novel. ^^ What would I name my crab? I’m impatient and I can’t stand them being “Crab”, it makes me go nuts–so I name it something I like, and is witty, but real quick. But if I don’t do my research I end up with a mispellen name. :( Let’s see, I just captured a red crab, I want to keep it forever, instead of use it for claw(in which I would name, ClawThree, as an example. :). Kingler–I would name my RED(IMPOSSIBLE!) crab, Kingler–off of the Poke’mon, I do that sometimes. That’s where most of my turtle names come from. >.^

  7. modulok

    With all that ore you should consider being an engineer. Then you could make your own bullets for the gun not to mention the extra damage from scopes. Later on the combo of feign death with the goblin jumper cables makes your character a good addition to any instance run since you can res the priest. Also with the new patch you can blow open locked chests with Seaforium so you no longer need a rogue in the group to get into those chests that you located with your find treasure racial talent. I have found mining/engineering to be the perfect complement for my dwarf hunter. But then I love the gun, so maybe it is not for everyone.

  8. Fernet

    Really enjoy reading about Kaet. Keep up the good work! As for the crab name, I remember having a crab on my first hunter, but I don’t think I kept him long enough to give him a name. And I’ve used all my imagination to my newly tamed raptor so I can’t help you on that one. :P

  9. Mania Post author

    Egad! It’s Brash! Hi, Brash!

    Thanks for all the naming suggestions, everyone. I knew you’d have better ideas than me. (If I had good naming ideas, I wouldn’t be running around with three crabs named Crab.) I think I’m going to write my favorites on pieces of paper and draw them from a hat. Otherwise I’ll need to tame .. lemme see .. about 10 more crabs …

  10. Illirien

    I named my blue crab Calinectes, part of the scientific name for atlantic blue crabs :) In chat it abbreviates nicely to Cal.

  11. Shelgeyr

    Heya Mania! :) First of all, it is really easy to change the sound of your gun. Mine was way too loud as well on me dorf hunter, so if you go into your program files/world of warcraft/data/sound/item/weapons folder you should see a file called gunfire01.wav or something like that. If I recall correctly you can import pretty much any sound you want to as long as you rename it to that. I have mine set to a silenced shooting sound. it makes life much more pleasant.

    And I am sure you already have your names picked out, but I tend to go with gaelic names for my chars and pets, so I would come up with stuff like: Glassag, Partan, Rudhag, or Dolpaw as a bit of a stretch.

    Have fun in the desert!


  12. Tower

    “if you go into your program files/world of warcraft/data/sound/item/weapons folder you should see a file called gunfire01.wav or something like that. If I recall correctly you can import pretty much any sound you want to as long as you rename it to that.”

    Thanks for that tip. I just got the hunting quest gun from the long chain in Nagrand. The gun is great but the sound is driving me nuts. I cant wait to give this a try, I wonder if I can find some machine gun fire sounds or pew pew laser sounds online to sub for the default. lol
    You just gave me a project for this evening :)

  13. Matnu

    Well, I tend to pick a theme for naming my hunters & pets. Like Matnu, here. It’s akkadian for “bowstring”. So, for awhile I had a croc with a name that meant “bloody weapon”, though for the life of me I can’t remember what the word was….

    And currently I have a scorpid named Gall. Which is Akkadian for something, but I can’t remember what it means atm. But it was pretty darn cool…

  14. Danifae

    I’ve had a few crabs and I especially like the blue one. Cobalt was his name. And for some reason I like the name Sebastian for a blue crab very much too. For the red perhaps Ruby and the white Ivory. Not really original, but I think it suits a crab. My Strider Clutchmother is named Zephyr. Could be a nice one too for a crab perhaps. Good luck with the naming :-)

  15. Danifae

    Oh…I forgot to mention… When you can’t loot a corpse because it isn’t where you saw it die, just log out and back in and you can loot it. Worked for me :-)

  16. Shelgeyr

    Hey Tower, hope that worked for you! Lemme know. If not I will dig back through and find out what I did to change mine around for ya.


  17. Someone

    Do yourself a favor and don’t even try soloing Bellygrub until you get to 20 or so, since you’re not so very well geared! And have pet be the same level too! :)

    Also, I’m one of those that don’t believe in “Improved I forgot about my pet and it has died” talents! ;)

    If your pet is close to die, you can always recall it and Concussive Shoot the mob while it heals a bit; or if several mobs on it, distract (or arcane shoot) one to you and ignore it a bit while switching to Aspect of the Monkey to allow your pet some less hits on him and heal up a bit…

    Very, VERY rarely did my pet die and usually that meant we both going down and because of some HUGE string of screw-ups from me! :)
    Don’t forget that your tracking ability *can* be of good use, especially when you zoom it in a bit, so you can always be aware of surrounding wandering mobs or even respawning mobs as they show up in minimap before they fully appear on the terrain giving you a few secs to re-position yourself in order to avoid aggroing them! A simple set of macros like this will help you a lot:

    /CastSequence Track Beasts, Find Herbs

    (Find herbs is for my hunter, replace with your minerals tracking ability). 1st press you get Track Beasts, 2nd press switches to your gathering tracking ability and so on. I have one macro like this for each of my known tracking abilities…

    Also, I’m now using some macros to have either Zoom In/Out *or* Intimidation/Mend Pet on the scroll wheel depending on whether I am in combat or not. Still finetuning them, but it goes something like this:

    #ShowTooltip [combat] Mend Pet
    #ShowTooltip [nocombat] Teleport: Orgrimmar
    /Cast [combat,nomodifier] Mend Pet
    /StopMacro [combat,nomodifier]
    /Script CameraZoomOut(3)

    (for MouseWheel down)


    #ShowTooltip [combat] Intimidation
    #ShowTooltip [nocombat] Portal: Orgrimmar
    /Cast [combat,nomodifier] Intimidation
    /StopMacro [combat,nomodifier]
    /Script CameraZoomIn(3)

    (for MouseWheel Up).

    So Mend Pet is just a scroll mouse wheel up…

    Some hunter timing mods also help and, if you want to cut down on time, check LightHeaded: it’s an addon that shows comments and coords from Wowhead and allows a simple click on NPC name/Coords to set a temporary marker on map, complete with minimap arrow pointing in the right direction!

    Also, I made a small change to my Queue Target macro: it now works “On mouseover”, so simply mouse over a new mob while your pet and you are still fighting one, and press the key assigned to the Pet Queue macro and your pet will start that mob as soon as he finishes his current targets! And you can queue more than one (haven’t tested the highest number it can be!)

    /focus [target=pettarget,nomodifier]
    /petfollow [target=mouseover,modifier]
    /petattack [target=mouseover]
    /target [nomodifier] focus
    /petattack [nomodifier]

    If holding a modifier key, it will instantly target that mob instead of queuing it. (Not really tested this last part thoroughly after making some changes so it may not work!)

  18. Mania Post author

    Shelgeyr: Thanks for the tip! That’s really helpful.

    Someone: Good advice! I started using Fizzwidget’s TrackMenu recently to switch between the tracking options easily, but I like the mousewheel behaviors you mentioned. I’ll have to try those as well!

    And, embarrassingly, I *still* haven’t named my crabs. Too many good names!

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