BlizzCon Hunter and Pet Roundup

For those readers who don’t delve into the comment threads or who haven’t had time to read all the copious BlizzCon info on other sites, I thought I’d make myself useful and round up the few hunter- or pet-related bits that I’ve seen. Copious quoting of people who got to actually go to BlizzCon follows.

Blizzard talked a bit about the history of recent class changes during Friday’s Class Panel (via Warcry):

The biggest problem with hunters initially is that they would feign death for everything. To fix this, Blizzard made the change to allow traps in combat. They have also improved pet scaling to help increase hunter dps and added misdirection for group and raid utility. No further hunter information was given. 

During Saturday’s Class Panel, a question came up during the Q&A section on hunters in Arenas. The answer sounds rather more far-reaching than that, though (via WoWInsider’s liveblog):

Q: Hunters for 2v2 and 3v3 underrepresentation?
A: Looking into very closely for patch 2.3. Many changes for Hunters will be implemented in 2.3. There are some line of sight issues in Arenas, but they won’t be changed. Some more utilities for arena battles and group utility are planned.

Hunters also got a brief mention during the Items and Professions Panel (again via WoWInsider’s liveblog):

Things to come:

Legendary Ranged Weapon
Time for hunters to get some love

Of course, I was much more interested in pets than I was in hunters per se. *grin* The first info I found was in a write-up of the WotLK demo on WoWInsider:

But I didn’t see any new quests (not implemented in the demo yet?) and fighting generic wolves, cats, and humanoid creatures (Blizzard says these are Vykrul) didn’t really get me excited about the game.

Well, level 70+ cats and wolves sounds like a start. But then Darkbander came to my rescue with more detailed informtaion in the comment thread here (on the Wrath of the Lich King Confirmed post). Darkbander reported:

When i got to play the demo this morning, first thing i did was take off running and explored! I had lev 70 grey boars agro me along with black tigers. There was what looked like a dark brownish storm crow model called a something eagle. There was also some multi horned kodo-moose thing that tried to trample me too :p
Thats it for all the animal types that i found there!

And a bit later Darkbander added:

Oh, and i remember another one. BIG BIG wolves! New model with saber teeth! Nice and black too.

A new wolf model! Now we’re talking! (Okay, the kodo-moose sounds neat also, but I suspect we won’t be able to tame it.)

procrasticritter then told us more about these new wolf models:

Hello, I’m a hunter, and I was at Blizzcon, and I did get to try Wrath of the Lich King. I was at both the Wrath of the Lich King info and lore panels and I tried to ask a question about new tameable beasts at both, though I didn’t get to since I was too far back in line. It does look like in the new starting area, Howling Fjord, there will be new wolves with compeltely new skins, as it appeared that a few of them that attacked me, were neither the regular wolves nor worg skins. Actually, if I remember correctly, there was a sort of tall, scrawny wolf that looked sort of halfway between a worgen, and a regular wolf (I’m certain that it was a beast and not a humanoid btw, it walked on all fours) Other than that, I wasn’t wandering around long enough to see what other beasts there were (my two friends and I went straight into the instance, and we only were able to play for 20 mins.) Also, sry I wasn’t able to do beast lore, since the sample character that I played was a druid, not a hunter.

That’s the exciting pet & hunter tidbits I’ve been able to extract so far from BlizzCon reports. If you noticed something I missed, please — let me know about it!

8 thoughts on “BlizzCon Hunter and Pet Roundup

  1. Otik

    New Boars excite me. Hopefully some of the coming screen shots that will be released over time will show some new animal types and/or some of the new models.

  2. Anbhas

    there’s the video with the wolf in it. you can also (briefly) see a black widow spider, and what appears to be a bear in the flyby of one scene.

    I’m slightly disappointed with the wolf, but only for the fact that he looks just… WAAAY to sickly. if he was decaying, I’d give him two thumbs up. but for now, aesthetically, it’s just one thumb.

  3. Maahl

    Oh wow… I *want* one of those wolves. They make me think of the werewolf character from that PS fighting game… Dark Stalkers, I think. (I can’t keep those games straight, there’s so many of the things.)

    Or maybe the playable wolf from Rampage: World Tour.

  4. Mania Post author

    Ah, excellent! Thanks for the video link. Those are … very odd wolves. They do remind me a lot of worgen, or possibly of Saturday morning Red Riding Hood cartoon wolves … *grin*

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