No Scarlet Hound for You!

I spent a big chunk of today getting myself set up to test taming ‘pet’ creatures on the PTR. I reactivated my husband’s account, installed the PTR on his laptop, copied a pre-made level 70 mage (that I have no idea how to play), read for an hour while both this character and my copied main waited in the PTR queue, ducked the hundreds of requests for teleports that came in as soon as I got on, and headed out across the world to try taming some of the controlled beasts that people have mentioned.

I had absolutely no luck.

I tried sheeping (and turtling and pigging) alone, with various traps, with Scare Beast and anything else I could think, in a group, not in a group, with one hand tied behind my back, with my fingers crossed …

My eventual conclusion: Coilfang Rays are special.

More to the point, so far as I could tell my trolling the data mining sites like Thotbott and WoWHead:

  1. Most of the NPC pet beasts, like Savannah Cubs and Scarlet Hounds, are created via a summoning spell apparently cast by their controllers. But Coilfang Rays do not appear to be created via a spell.
  2. Coilfang Rays can drop loot. Not very much has been recorded on these sites so far, but they do drop loot. The other NPC pet beasts leave corpses that cannot be looted. (Note that the sites sometimes show loot for these creatures anyway, but I verified that most of them just don’t have lootable corpses.)
  3. If I am understanding correctly, the Coilfang Ray has the purpose tag <Observer’s Pet>, in the same sense it might say <Hunter Trainer> or <Coilfang Matron>. In other words, it’s almost part of their name. Other NPC pet beasts, on the other hand, have “So and so’s pet” in their mouseover info in the same way that they have “Level 62 Beast”.

So at this point, I am thinking that NPC-summoned beasts can’t be tamed — no matter what Beast Lore says — and that the Coilfang Ray is not an NPC-summoned beast in the same way that the others are.

… Which is a pity, because I really wanted to tame a Scarlet Hound.

7 thoughts on “No Scarlet Hound for You!

  1. Boudica

    Scarlet tracking hounds, bloodfalcons in botanica, most of these kinds of pets can be tamed. I took a group to botanica to try taming a bloodfalcon dragonhawk. Our mage sheeped the handler and the tank took on the first dragonhawk. Myself and the other hunter in the group pulled the 2nd hawk across the other side of the room and froze it. I started to tame adn half way through taming the trap broke. 2nd hunter trap was put down straight away and thank you very much, he was mine :D I called him Bloodlust and is now my best friend, so taming handler controlled pets is possible.

  2. Anbhas

    Wait wait… you’re saying that the Scarlet Tracking Hounds in the plaguelands are tameable if you sheep their master? I always liked my red hyena from SM. I abandoned him when I saw the ones in the plaguelands but was disappointed to find out that they can’t be tamed.

    I’m so confuzzled!

  3. Branan

    The Scarlet Hounds in WPL are wholly untamable. Boudica was talking about dragonhawks in Botanica. :) The only way to get a red hyena is to tame one of the scarlet tracking hounds inside SM.

  4. Mania Post author

    Scarlet Tracking Hounds are indeed tameable — those are the ones in the Scarlet Monastery. But I couldn’t tame the Scarlet Hounds in the Western Plaguelands even after I sheeped everything in sight in various combinations. Since Scarlet Hounds are created via a spell and their corpses can’t be looted, I don’t think they are tameable.

    I never thought to try Bloodfalcons because I hadn’t seen anyone say that they were controlled. It doesn’t look to me like they are summoned with a spell, and they seem to be lootable, so I would expect that they can be tamed.

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