PTR 2.2.0: Raptors Get Dash

I just got a very exciting e-mail from Jezpalimu, a level 70 Hunter on the Kilrogg server.

I play a non-premade 70 Hunter in the 2.2 WoW PTR,on the PvE server. While playing, I had the sudden urge to tame one of the Raptors from Blade’s Edge Mountains in Outland.

So I tamed one.

When I hearthed back to Orgrimmar, I went to check what skills he could learn from Training. Amongst the Bite, Claw, Growl, Cower, and passive skills, I discovered something amazing

My raptor was eligible to learn Dash!! I thought this was incredible news!

Incredible news indeed! I logged in to check myself, and yes — it looks like come Patch 2.2.0, the raptor family will finally be able to learn the pet ability Dash. It’s about time!

37 thoughts on “PTR 2.2.0: Raptors Get Dash

  1. Mania Post author

    I’m testing. :> So far I haven’t found any other changes to learnable skills, though.

    Edit: Nope. I’ve been through all 23 families and the only other change I found was that turtles are listed as eating Raw Fish as well as Fish. And this is true on the live worlds also, so I probably just wrote it down wrong back when turtles got Fish.

  2. Zaklu

    dam, i was really hoping sporebats got somthin, ever since i saw the new pets on petopia b4 BC came out. i wanted a sporebat so bad…well till i heard they can learn only growl and cower. lol

  3. Rasta

    This will be like the poor kid whose dad never hugged him/her till they were 13… long overdue, but sweet nonetheless.

  4. Tiiaa

    When trying this myself on the PTR, I encountered the Bug that I cannot Feign Death at all. The Icon is greyed out and trying to use it gives the “Spell is not ready yet” message with the hover tooltip not saying anything about any cooldown.

    On a whim I checked spiders, sporebats and striders, too, but nothing seems to have changed with them.

  5. Marzix

    sweeet, i have my Grimlock sitting in my stables (black raptor from blades edge) and ill finally get to play with him! hes my max arcane resist pet for when we do curator, it will be nice to be able to dash away from trouble if i need to.

  6. Branan

    All those chickens I sacrificed were not in vain! Well, they weren’t in vain anyway, I made fried chicken out of them. But Dash for Raptors is great news! Now our Hellscythe will be more useful than ever! Our Bonesnapper won’t be too happy though, I think he liked being the only pet in the stable with Dash. I still love ya, boy!

    The only irksome thing will be seeing the vast hordes of newly-tamed raptors trailing around their smirking masters. If only there was a way to give the raptor faithful something more! Say, that’s a good idea… how about pet skills that unlock depending on the length of time you’ve had a given pet? That’d make a nice perk, and be a cool reward for those who’ve kept their beloved (if sub-optimal) pets the longest.

  7. Mania Post author

    Branan: Raptors are still a bit behind their main competition (cats and ravagers) in some ways. Ravagers have Gore, which a lot of people prefer over Claw as a focus dump. And cats have a whole extra skill in Prowl, of course, which is still a very nice combo with night-elf-hood. Now I’ll grant you that raptors are just plain cool — I mean, they’re raptors! — but cats have a pretty big coolness factor as well. (Ravagers, as weird alien bug things, lose out here.) So while I expect raptors to become more popular, I don’t expect them to out-number cats. (Nothing ever seems to outnumber cats.)

  8. Branan

    I happen to dislike cats strongly, so if people want to keep their cat pets, or tame more of them, more power to em. :) Except the ghost saber, that’s a cool cat. Where’s my ghost raptor?!

  9. Kijik

    Oh boy….now I have a conundrum… I have my Ravager, Kirin, and my newly tamed windserpent Oroku, and now I want a Raptor…but then I won’t have a tank pet! Hmm….well being BM helps I suppose…yar, oh and btw Mania, I actually think that Ravagers are incredibly awesome :)Oh and thanks for the site and all it’s glory Mania, good work!

  10. greeboch

    Tamed my Raptor, Fluffy(yeah, nobody else has a “Fluffy”, I know) in Durotar on the second day after release and I have refused to turn him in in the hopes that this day would come.

  11. Siusaidhna

    I must be the only person who thinks Ravagers are cool. They look like a failed experiment. I actually have a ravager specimen, leveled it from 10, just cause I liked the model. And if there were such a thing as a gnome hunter, the way the ravager’s back bends seems comfortable enough for a gnome to sit in.

    Ravagers: DPS pet and mount (With the speed increasing talent) All in one.

  12. Gonjette

    I’ve had Buddy, my mottled scytheclaw, since level 25 … And the day finally came when I was torn between the decision to keep him or abandon. Friends and guildies were complaining that my raptor didn’t “get in there” fast enough. So I decided that they were right and went on Petopia to compare some other pets when low and behold … What’s this?! On the front page, underlined, RAPTORS CAN LEARN DASH!!!!! Woot woot woot!!!!! You can imagine my relief! Thank you, Blizzard!

  13. Sathsarrion

    Nice indeed for the variety… still can’t see them replacing the Ravager for grinding, Scorpid for raiding or Cat for pvp tho.
    Maybe when they nerf Scorpids Ill get me a raptor.

  14. Rakthorr

    When I heard the good news, I went into Wailing Caverns and tamed the black raptor I always wanted. Now I just need to find the perfect name for him… oh, and catch up fifteen levels or so, but it’s worth it!

  15. Bloodmoone

    It’s about time i have had my raptor “Chupacabra” for some time now. He’s a great tank and companion, thank you Blizzard for giving the raptor community something to be happy about (besides the fact that we love our raptors). Now as soon as you give us prowl or some type of hamstring or gauge ability all will be good and right with the world

  16. Hoyt

    I have a raptor, and i can only assume i don’t know anything about versions or the like, as i just enjoy playing.. But, i can assure you that my raptor CANNOT learn dash. is this new skill for outland only raptors? or am i just ahead of myself when it comes to patches..someone shed some light for me…please!!

  17. Mania Post author

    Hoyt: You’re just getting ahead of yourself on patches is all. :> Patch 2.2.0 is still on the Public Test Realm (PTR), so the changes it contains are not available for you or your raptor on the live realms yet. Soon, though!

  18. Hoyt

    Mania, i thank you. you’ve put my mind at ease, and look forward to the chance to train my pet.
    i hope other skills will be available to other pets. Thanks again!

  19. Rezar

    Ah, happy day it is when I come browsing around on my favorite pet site and see this glorious news right on the front page. I’ve been a cat-person for forever and a day (which, of course extends to my hunter pets. Yes, yes, I know, terribly un-original :P) but the desire has always been there for something more. And here it is! Next time I log my lowbie hunter first thing I’m doing is running off to Barrens and taming meself a Takk, no matter how many times he kills me in the process. And this is after all the trouble I went through to get and lvl up Dishu, I may just have to have 2 main pets for lvling and trade off between ‘em every couple lvls. :]

  20. Jayhawk

    I do wish I knew why they keep adding skills to pets that already have several, rather than give skills to those pets in dire need of anything… i.e. a Sporebat.

  21. Jasper

    I hope theyve made some more of teh changes to lo lvl pets.

    I got a 19 hunter twink and the boar only stuns for 1 sec :(.

  22. Zargarg

    i have a lvl 32 hunter with a Deviate viper and boy they are cool but all they get is an instant ranged poison blast i mean what new abilities do they get
    raptors are deffinatly my fav pet expesially the outlands ones but i always loved dash so this just alll works out yippie

  23. Evitus

    So we have cats, ravagers, raptors, even spore bats and scorpids, plus a couple of gorillas, but nobody has said anything about the Warp Stalker? Nobody’s going like “why can’t Bliz give the warper a DoT?” I mean, that would put it 5 up on the Scorpid right?

  24. Shadoa

    This site is sweet and just gotta say its come in very handy for my new hunter but where as you all like your raptors and ravagers the scorpids and kresh from WC rox shell shield is the colest pet spell going

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  26. Squirrly

    Ok this is gonna be a real stupid question…how and where do you get dash? Im lvl 64, Ive had my Purple dino since lvl 24…even tho everyone told me to dump him for a cat I stuck with Puppy. When the release came out I hit my trainer in IF and nothing…NO DASH!!! a guildie told me that if I get a cat and train him in dash then abandon him and take puppy out of the stable he will have it….is there any truth in this? please help

  27. Andromerius

    I tamed broken tooth today and guess what….u gonna cry…attack speed increased from 1.0 to 2.0…they nerfed it…

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