Ghost Travel Revisited

A few days ago I posted about how hunters can use ghost travel to get to hard-to-reach areas to tame new pets. Basically, you die on one continent, travel as a ghost to an area that you want to be in on the other continent, and resurrect there. It only works, I said, if you cross between continents (i.e. game servers) before you resurrect.

But the masterful reader Tiiaa was kind enough to point out that there is another, easier way to ghost travel.

You can even circumvent this – run to the graveyard where you want to resurrect, and then log out and back in, and then talk to the spirit healer. Doing this revived me at the graveyard I wanted to get to even on the same continent.

I’ve tested this out myself and it works like a charm! Just to be clear, you don’t need to shut down the client completely — just log out to character select and then log the same character right back in.

So now the steps to use ghost travel look like this:

  1. Start traveling to the zone you you want to end up in.
  2. When you die, don’t resurrect. Just keep heading for your destination as a ghost.
  3. When you get to your destination, find a nearby Spirit Healer,┬ábut don’t resurrect yet!
  4. Log out to character select. Log right back in.
  5. Now you can resurrect!

And there you are! Thanks to Tiiaa for the additional tip.

(Bonus Hint: When testing something that requires you to be dead a lot, use a night elf. Wisp form is 25% faster than a normal ghost.)

36 thoughts on “Ghost Travel Revisited

  1. moonlitglade

    What??? You mean, all those runs I did the hard way weren’t necessary??? WHAAAAA!!!!!!

    (Took a Draenei throught the plaguelands, twice, to get sprinpaw lynx and dragonhawk)
    (Took a tauren to teldrassil to get a strigid owl, then to Dun Morogh to get Bjarn)
    (Took a troll to Dun Morogh to get Timber)
    (Took a dwarf to Durotar to get scarlet crab)
    (Took a Night elf to Tirisfal Glades to get Ressan the Needler)
    (Took a blood elf to Azuremyst to get a Ravager, then to Bloodmyst Isle to get Zarakh, then ditched ravager and went to Darkshore to get Ghost Saber.)
    Yeah, I know, I’m crazy :)

  2. Mania Post author

    That’s the kind of crazy I can sympathize with. *grin* I’ve made most of those runs myself, and quite a few with the same race hunter as you. (There’s just something about a dwarf that calls out for a crab.)

  3. moonlitglade

    And a hyena. Or a vulture. I don’t know why, they just seem to work.
    With the hyena called Giggles, the vulture Flappy, and the crab Nipper :)

  4. Arcadia

    This is so useful it’s not even funny. Time to take the BE down to Redridge Mountains and see if I can’t get my hands on Bellygrub. :)

  5. Someone

    Why didn’t I learn this sooner! I hope they don’t fix it for my next char! But even on this one it can be useful: empty char *and* bags, get all FPs, ressing at will, go to nearest bank, re-equip, fly back, tame pet…

    I ended up dropping my Blood-Elf hunter, but I did go all the way to IF to tame one of those white bears!

  6. Cleiena WoW hunter

    I wanna try 2 take my troll hunter 2 go and get a Owl….But I hate going 2 Allince places(I like 2 stay in Ogrommer or lvl in Camp T)if I go and get the owl this will help alot

  7. shibumi

    sheesh. this is great news, i’ve tried variations on this, and never thought about logging … duh.

    though I have to admit, part of the challange was seeing how few times I could die taking my orc to azuremyst then bloodmyst for my ravagers. got that sequence down so I would just drwon myself at the end of the pier, run and rez on the boat. this is even easier. ::sigh::

    did that run for bellygrub too – for my orc hunter. no deaths, but close :) Grub the only source for some of those skills. Was surprised to not see other folks there. good karma I guess.

    haven’t tried the run across plaguelands for my alliance hunters yet. prefer the ravagers to the red cats. ghost saber to other forms of cats. shrug.

    thanks for the info. will remember this one :)

  8. Sedna

    Awesome, awesome, awesome. Used this on a human Rogue alt to get down to Booty Bay (apparently you can get about two-thirds of the way through Duskwood at lvl 6 before your aggro radius makes travel inmpossible). Died, ghost-traveled to STV, then rezzed at the spirit healer just outside of Booty Bay…which teleported me back to Raven Hill, where I promptly died again. Oops. The logging-out bit (just to the character selection screen) is important.

  9. sandralover

    thanks for this info , and yes you can res at any spirit healer , as far as i remember i took my ne into the crossroads ( HEHE i forgot what race i was playing ) and i res just outside the crossroads , i bet many have made that mistake i know i have seen other low levels of all races do similar , i guess thats why the spirit healers are almost always outside of towns

  10. Cgeorgemo

    When I get killed in other races home area’s and they are really good corpse campers I resurrect at the local graveyard and hearthstone out. The spirit healers don’t even look at me funny…in fact they were very concerned about my equipment…just like the nice spirit healers at home.

  11. Ket Shi

    I’m assuming you can die in Auberdine, ghost up on the boat and wait. When the boat docks again, zone through Rut’theran Village, run through Darnassus, log out then res to get to Teldrassil with no mess? That’s pretty sneaky…

  12. cgeorgemo

    @Ket Shi
    That’s almost exactly what I did on my Orc hunter. I actually died in Ashenvale and went ahead and ghost traveled all the way to the spirit healer in Teldrassil. After I ressed I got killed a couple of times by a NE Hunter who had a pet while I didn’t yet. He was camping me so I just logged off and came back once he was gone. The spirit healer was happy to res me every time with no fuss.

  13. Amber

    Just a note, this appears to be at least partially blown away in 2.3. I just tried to make The Run (from Darnassus to Ironforge) on a new character last night. After logout and re-login, the game still knew where my corpse was and tossed me back to it. (I did not, however, cross continents in the process.) May require more testing, but sneaking in and out on the same continent may have been “addressed” by Blizzard now. (grrr…)

  14. Mania Post author

    Thanks for sharing that, Amber. I went from Theramore to Menethil Harbor on my orc to test out ghost travel on Saturday with no issues, so we’ll have to see if I can narrow this down more. Incidentally, I’m not entirely sure what you mean when you say that you didn’t cross between continents — aren’t Darnassus and Ironforge on different continents?

  15. Ansawa

    I can confirm this is still working when you zone out, at least. Maentwrog the troll huntress just made an epic journey to Azuremyst to tame herself a ravager at level 11. :)

  16. Rikaku

    I can confirm that as of patch 2.3.2 this still works. Used it to get my dreanei hunter Selantis from Azuremyst to Eversong Woods on foot to get a red lynx cat. I stopped every 2-3 zones (AKA Arathi Highlands then West Plaugelands, then EPL) to logout and log back in. Worked like a charm.

  17. Sangre

    I got my red lynx the hard way. :) Running and dying. :)
    However… could those who have a red lynx cat tell me if they are also having walking speed issues? I keep outrunning the Red Lynx even with pet speed talent purchased.

  18. BEhunter

    Aww its a Pity I didnt know about this sooner. I went to darkshore to get a ghost sabre (WHY MUST IT BE AT THE TOP OF THE ZONE!! WHY) with my BE hunter. Half the fun came from the fact that I killed a NE hunter 1 level above me (I was level 26) with a pet that was level 19 (It was a crappy throw away from bottom of darkshore zone) She starred attacking me with a staff. Twice

  19. nyelvmark

    Hmmm. This feels like cheating, to me. But I’ve always wanted my troll hunter (called Lovemypet) to explore Teldrassil, so I’ll go and try it out now that patch 2.4 is live.

  20. nyelvmark

    Yep. It still works, though I was surprised to see that I got PvP-flagged just for taking my ghost through the portal to Darnassus. At Dolanaar, I logged out and in again, and resurrected at the spirit healer. Spent a few minutes at the bottom of Lake Al’Ameth (PvP isn’t my game), then did a tour of Teldrassil, showing off my enormous level 63 scorpid to the level 10 hunters.

    Coming back, I ran my epic wolf straight through Darnassus, through the portal, and off the end of the pier at Rut’theran Village. I didn’t get dismounted, and, surprisingly, nobody even got a hit on me until I rounded the bank. Aren’t those guards 65 elite? They’re certainly not 65 alert!

  21. Nirriti

    Holy Moly! My Trolls have trained owls outside Darnassus and Blood Elf trained a ravager. I sure wish I knew about this before.

    Thanks for the tip!

  22. Yvelle

    Wow, I’m sure glad I went to the Draenei lands when I ghost walked. I didn’t know it would teleport you back to your body if you were still on the same continent! That would have been a huge waste of time walking Tinashe (my troll hunter) all the way there, only to have her zip back to Ashenvale where she died. But now she’s happily paired up with her enraged ravanger, ButtBiter. (And what a pain in the butt he was to tame too! He earned that name.)

  23. Syrelil-Sentinels

    ..Simply rofl. Blizzard is fail at fixing bugs. >P
    Heh. Dieing less is a fun challange though. Died twice getting spot at level 36. Guards are around the 50s. :p
    But that is seriously funny how only logging does that.. xD

  24. Kai

    So does this still work?

    My moo cow got her raviger the hard way.. well easy way really. Running all the way with no issues to the docks of darkshore, drowning under the baot. then resing on it. From there it was clear path to my ravigers.

    Bu I would love to tame timber on her as well. Hmmmm.. May give this a try. If only for the fun of it.

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  26. cherrymint

    thankyou for the valuable info on both of your sites! having just rerolled a hunter for a change of pace, i am normally a lvl 70 holy belf priestess, hunter is something new for me. now i can get that noisy spider from blood myst isle, for my cow without doing much corpse running. granted, it doesnt have any special attacks, but after much research, i love the colours it has…I’m sure the racket it makes will scare anyone in bgs, when i’m at lvl70!! hehe!

  27. deadrun

    it’s guides like these that make me feel like a total newb.
    I’ve ghost walked before but I never thought to stay dead and get on the boat…
    my main stress is being flagged so I had to try this out on beta, it seems that even dead if you wander into or nearby the opposing factions city you will be flagged. (hard to miss exodar running down that road it seems)
    lich king includes a timer now so you can see it count down and you can wait it out in graveyard before you res.

    in live I will have my fluffy white core hound, this cowardly blood elf thanks you. :3

  28. Ethgri

    lol, didn’t realize this was an unkown. Been using this method for low-mid lvl hunters for quite awhile. Discovered this one after an annoying DC in the middle of a run.

  29. Cyrax

    Thanks you so very much, i was just taking my 10th run to my corpse as a lvl 10 mage trough STV to get to the neutral AH when i found your info.

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