The Grand Character Plan: Taurens

I’ve mentioned once or twice that I have a long-term plan to level a character with each pet family so that I have hands-on experience with how each family plays. I haven’t played all of those characters yet, but I have planned out races and first pets, and in some cases even professions, and I thought it might be fun to share my reasoning. Today I’ll share the plans I have for Tauren characters.

Bear: The image I have in my head is a big, shy Tauren lass standing quietly behind a big, grumbling grizzly bear. I’ve already created this character and leveled her to 11 — although further leveling will likely wait until bears get a special skill for me to evaluate.

I chose Mangeclaw as her first pet — the white bear matches her white hide pretty well – and I am also picking up a dark brown Giant Grizzled Bear and an Elder Black Bear early on for contrast. Although white bears get a lot of attention, there aren’t many creatures with the dark brown bear skin (3 total) and they peter out at level 22. The black bear skin is more common, and it was a toss-up for me between this skin and the light brown bear skin. But I like the contrast of the black bear and white Tauren better, so I went that way.

The bears I chose are from Dun Morogh, Loch Modan, and Silverpine, which is partially why I chose to level a bear with a Tauren character. I like choosing early pets that represent a challenge to tame, and it’s a long hike from Mulgore to Dun Morogh.

Hyena: I have to admit, I did cheat a little bit when making this plan, or I probably would have chosen to level a hyena with an Alliance character. But I already had a level 20 Tauren alt with a lovely orange Kolkar Packhound (the earliest hyena you can tame). And I like the personality contrast: I tend to think of Taurens as gentle nature spirits, but this black-hided beauty is sarcastic and snide, just like her snorting sidekick. Again, this character is probably on hold until hyenas get some special skills. (At least they have Dash!)  

Although I chose the Kolkar Packhound because it was the earliest choice, I do like the color and I will be keeping it. In addition, I’ll be picking up a Scarlet Tracking Hound (of course!) once I can brave the Scarlet Monastery. For my final pet, I can’t decide between light grey, dark grey, or the classic purple. If only we had more stable slots!

Owl/Gorilla: My final Tauren character will start out wielding an owl — which means a long, long journey over to Teldrassil for a grey Strigid Hunter, of course. But since there are no more interesting owls to tame until high levels, and since owls are pretty functionally equivalent to bats (and I am already leveling a Night Elf with a bat), this Tauren will also be picking up a gorilla when those creatures become available. After that, I will try to level both pets, but with the emphasis on the gorilla if I have to choose.

My first gorilla will be a grey Mistvale Gorilla, but ten levels later I’ll switch to a red Groddoc Ape. And eventually I’d like to have a red Avian Ripper to match. But there are a lot of good owl colors, including purple, black, and white – and if I went with white, I could take the ethereal white ape Uhk’loc.

Did I mention I wish we had more stable slots? *grin* Ironically, I haven’t created this character yet, although I should make a start on her since both of her families already have their special skills. She will also, by the way, be an engineer. Now if only engineers could craft mechanical owls … (Picture Athena’s clockwork owl from the movie Clash of the Titans, whirring and clicking away!)

9 thoughts on “The Grand Character Plan: Taurens

  1. Mania Post author

    Styfios: Bubo! I had forgotten that name! Thank you. :>

    According to the vast stored knowledge of the web, Bubo apparently means owl in Latin. And apparently owls and goddesses go way back. Scientific names for owl species include both Athene sp. and Minerva sp. And there is a genus called Bubo, which includes horned owls.

    Balerion: I was going to cover the races in groups so I could talk about my reasons, but I can see where a simple list might be useful. I’ll add that now. :>

  2. Keleri

    hehe, I ended up naming my purple owl “Strigos”, which is a slight mangling of the greek word for owl, I think. (see: Strigid Screecher, etc.) my guild suggested “Hooters” before deciding to just ditch the innuendo and call it “Titties”. xD ah, fun times.

  3. Jayhawk

    Nice, I got a Tauren hunter with a Teldrassil owl, called Whispering. He also had to get Arikara, renamed Erynne, but that was purely for the smoke effect.

    On the other hand, I agree gorilla’s suit them fine (synchronous scratching?) and for the same reason they should do well with wolves. =)

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