Ghost Travel

Since I hid a pretty neat tip down in the Mangeclaw Misadventures post, I thought I’d repeat it here under it’s own title.

Ghost travel involves dying on one continent (for example, near Orgrimmar), then taking a boat or zeppelin to the other continent while you’re dead (say, the zeppelin to Undercity), then running slowly and tediously as a ghost to wherever it is you want to be (for example, Loch Modan), and resurrecting at a Spirit Healer there (say, outside Thelsamar). It only works if you die on one continent and resurrect on the other — if you die in Silverpine, run to Loch Modan and resurrect, you’ll be teleported back to the graveyard in Silverpine. But apparently when you zone between continents, the information about where you died is not preserved, so the server let’s you choose your resurrection spot.

I first learned about this travel method when several readers, including Emira of Silver Hand and Deborah (no server given), wrote me to tell me that there is an easier way for an Alliance to get to the Blood Elf lands to tame a dragonhawk or a lynx. You still need to make the long run across the Western and Eastern Plaguelands, but instead of doing it as a living being who can be hurt and killed, you do it as a ghost. That is, you can start out as a live person, but after you first death don’t bother to revive — just keep going as a ghost. The portal into the Ghostlands is a cross-server portal, even though it doesn’t cross you between continents, because it links the expansion and non-expansion lands. So once you cross that portal, you can revive at any Spirit Healer in the Ghostlands or Eversong Woods.

I don’t feel too terrible about sharing this method to tame low-level pets because it’s a real pain in the neck. Using it to get someplace difficult once is bad enough. Using it repeatedly is prohibitively tedious. Also, be aware that the portal into Darnassus from Rut’theran Village doesn’t count as changing servers. (I haven’t tried the zoning between Darkshore and the Draenei lands yet, but it should be fine since it links expansion and non-expansion lands.) And as always, Blizzard may decide to change this behavior at any time.

3 thoughts on “Ghost Travel

  1. Tiiaa

    – It only works if you die on one continent and resurrect on the other — if you die in Silverpine, run to Loch Modan and resurrect, you’ll be teleported back to the graveyard in Silverpine –

    You can even circumvent this – run to the graveyard where you want to resurrect, and then log out and back in, and then talk to the spirit healer. Doing this revived me at the graveyard I wanted to get to even on the same continent.

  2. Mania Post author

    Shoot — I should have thought to try relogging myself! Well, I admit that I am not great at QA. (I am more of a producer. *grin*)

    Anyway, thanks for the tip, Tiiaa! That will cut out the waiting-for-the-boat-or-zeppelin phase, even if you still have many, many hostile zones to run slowly across. Thanks!

  3. Balerion

    Well it could have been helpful a couple of days ago when i went to get my springpaw stalker (lynx) on my hunter but no i did it the hard way… lots and lots of dying

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